Bubble masks and lip powders have weird textures but work

Bubble masks and lip powders have weird textures but work Favful

Bubble face masks and lip powders are totally a new thing to love!

By now, we're all really used to sheet face masks, overnight sleeping packs and liquid matte lipsticks. Heck, even metallic lipstick is pretty cool but not totally out of the ordinary. Then there are new beauty products developed from the latest Korean technology that have made us siti up and take notice, because they aren't the typical kind of texture that you would normally expect from, well your regular mask or lipstick. 

Bubbling clay masks and lip powders are what everyone has been talking about. And what are they? Bubble masks use formulas that transform from gel to foam once they sit on your skin. And they make you look like a marshmallow man or some creature out of a horror movie because it is grey and puffs up on your face. There is a fizzy effect upon it settling on your skin and for some, it might be somewhat itchy and for others, they describe it as a tingling effect. That is meant to give your skin plenty of oxygen, wihch means that the masks' ingredients penetrate deep into your skin.

Bet you didn't think there items could be beauty tools

The most popular bubble mask seems to be the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Its ingredients include charcoal powder, matcha powder, white willow peel extract, and green tea extract to draw out all dirt and makeup in pores and on skin, while feeding nutrients to keep the skin healthy and supple. It not only cleanses, refines and tightens pores but it also helps control excessive sebum, which usually clogs pores.

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Lip powders

This new lip powder concept by Rire seems so amazing as it looks like colored powder, but once it is applied on the lips, the texture melts into a glossy-like appearance. Even the sponge applicator it comes with looks like what a lip gloss would have. The product promises intense color, a lightweight feeling on the lips and no stickiness or drying due to ingredients such as chamomile to prevent moisture loss, peppermint to treat dry or peeling lips and rosemary extract and nato gum for skin protection and moisturizing.

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