Meet the 5-year-old girl who styles hair like a pro

Meet the 5-year-old girl who styles hair like a pro Favful

We're having hair envy after watching her videos.

Jenny Strebe is a hairstylist who does YouTube videos on hair tutorials and has an Instagram account, a Facebook page and website dedicated to all the gorgeous hairdos she has done for clients.


My little pony twists on my girl @minxieee this was done with all @pulpriothair color. #pulpriothair #hairsandstyles #upstyle #b3 #brazilianbondbuilder

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These hair colors are inspired by works of art



Twisted and fishtailed by me on @minxieee done @stray_salon #braid #upstyle

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Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States, Jenny and her work garnered plenty of attention when the video of her daughter styling her own hairstyles went viral. Magnolia is no ordinary budding hairstylist. At only 5-years-old, she seems to have inherited her passion and talent for all things hair from her mom and now has an Instagram account and videos of her styling her elaborate updos. Oh, and these hair creations have names like the curl swoop updo. And her specialty seems to be beautiful braids. Meanwhile, we're over here struggling to perfect a fishtail braid. 



It's the man braid come to life



My latest tutorial how to get a Princess Bell inspired bridal style. Hope you like it! #toddlerhairstylist #confessionsofaminihairstylist

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Okay, our minds are blown. If she's not taking any clients yet, it's time for us to brush up on those fishtail braiding skills.