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Does anyone not use foundation?

Like the titles suggests, does anyone here prefer not to use alot of foundation?


I don't use foundation, instead I use some cc cream to even out my skin tone :)

nice to have it all natural

i don't use foundation as Singapore is too humid weather (except for special occasions like weddings), especially if you are the kind who sweat easily (aka me). Lazy girl method, I use tinted moisturizer as Nature Republic CC Cream, Super Origin collection, Tinted (SPF30, PA++) as a foundation and concealer. One step settles all! There is no feeling of heaviness or too many things on your face.

Yeap im one of them until i decided to start use foundation if im going for any special occasions.So what do i use when im not?I used Revlon Photoready Concealer/Maybelline Istant Age Rewind as a base. Finished it up with NYX Stay Matte but Not Flat Powder Foundation.I discovered a way to keep my skin hydrated,smooth and matte by adding a couple of drop of bio oil into it and blend.Trust me it works wonder.

Yes,i just use foundation iffffff there is special occasion or formal event.But usually I will only use Magic Snow Cream from April Skin and next apply my eyeshadow,blusher and so on. I dont like feeling heavy on my face eventho the foundation is not that heavy..

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Yup! Me! I tend to not wear foundation and just slap on good concealer and blend it outwards to even out the skin tone. If you would like to cover more, go ahead with something lighter like a BB cushion or BB cream. That works better and gives a little more room for your skin to breathe! 😘

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Yes I do. I don't like to wear foundation. Most of the time I will use BB cream. I'm more comfortable using BB cream. Anyway it depends on your skin type and your comfort zone.

Sometimes I skip the liquid foundation, especially on lazy days. I find powder foundations much more comfortable, I use Mac Studio Fix - really light and pretty good staying power! I've recently learnt a new trick - just use concealer (I use Benefit Booing Hydrating concealer) on your undereye area and on your T-Zone (areas you would normally highlight), blend, and finish with some setting powder. Ta-dah!

I don't like to use foundation too much, I feel like it covers my skin in a bad way

Nope. Just use concealer on certain areas to prevent cakeyness

I prefer to not use foundation often. Normally if there is no special occassions, i will just use concealer to conceal my dark circle and some acne scars. This is because i want to let my skin rest and breath. If you use foundation everyday, it might be too much for our skin to handle.

On everyday basis yes, I don't use foundation. But on days when I have special occasions then I'll use foundation :)

Nope I don't usually use foundation unless there's any special occasion, then I'll use it :)

I don’t use foundation on daily basis..only during a events or celebrations

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I dont wear foundation for few months, and it actually saves my skin. I used to have little bumps on my face, after stop using foundation, the bumps on my face lessen! So i only use it when I have special occasion!

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Used to wear foundation everyday to cover my acne and scars. It only made my skin worse, so I learned to wear only colored pimple cream (by Herbaline, strongly recommended!). It's hard to start because habit is hard to change, and exposing my bad skin is among the last things I want to do. But overtime my skin got better :) And I developed a fond on skin care infused foundation even when I need to dress up for special occasions <3 Recommend "It cosmetics CC cream".

I seldom apply foundation, but I prefer to use cushion, which is more convenient and quick apply that gives a dewy look.