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Do you apply your concealer first or foundation?

For me, I'll usually start with foundation then move on to concealer. That way I feel like, I can conceal my dark circles and imperfections properly.


For me, I’ll usually do my foundation first, and then add concealer while contouring aswell :)

I put on my Fit Me Matte foundation because I have oily skin so matte based products are suitable for my skin. Then I’ll put my concealer from Sephora under my eyes and other scars spots. Oh and dont forget to set your face with a translucent powder! β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Yeah,if u have dull skin or redness or acne,maybe u should put correcting concealer first then foundation. I alrdy tried between these two methods and i think its better to put concealer first ☺️

Usually i put on eye concelear (red/oren and ivory color) before my foundation to make sure my concealer doesnt move. Then after foundation i put on my green/pink/purple foundation to cover up few scar or brighten up more.

As usual foundation then concealar especially under eye πŸ˜…

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It is a norm to put Foundation first, then concealer. This is to make your under eye area brighter. However, there is a new technique for MUAs to put concealer first before foundation so that your application looks more natural and less harsh. Just note that if you are not very particular on details, you can apply either way. There is not much difference and no right or wrong.

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There is no harm in applying either the foundation or concealer first. It's solely up to your preference! :) I would actually apply a cream concealer first or a colour corrector before applying foundation. If the concealer is good enough to cover your dark circles or impurities, blend it outwards to the rest of your face - that way you can skip foundation to prevent your pores from clogging further. Your skin needs its days to breathe :)

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Foundation then concealer... hahaha

Liquid concealer before foundation to cover up dark circles. Foundation layered on top of liquid concealer make the base makeup even more natural. If dark circles still not completely invisible and wish to cover more, can use dryer concealer like cream type concealer to cover it up a little more.

Foundation before concealer, I feel it acts as a base for you to blend everything above that (concealer, any liquid contour or highlight) smoothly πŸ˜™πŸ’ž

I will use concealer first because it helps to cover the flaws. And when you use your foundation afterwards, it helps to even out the skintone more. :)

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always put concealer first or else you skin tone might be uneven or may look cakey. If u feel u want a better concealing effect, wear color correcting primers, that will help with concealing dark circles and dark spots better.

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I put concealer first. then decide if still need foundation later haha! XD