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Shazmone Ng
Shazmone Ng
20 Oct 2017
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How to cover dark eye circles?

I have really dark circles under my eyes not because i have insufficient sleep instead it is caused by a bad habit of mine- eye rubbing while sleeping. I struggle to find a concealer that can fully cover the dark tones under my eyes. I hope someone here can recommend a few concealer suggestions ! :) Thank You


Maybelline Fit me Concealer and L.A Girl Pro concealer are amazing for deep circles. You can also use the L.A Girl red corrector before you apply the concealer :)

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Hi babe! I understand exactly what you mean! I been doing makeup professionally and this have been the concern of a lot of my clients! Before concealing, you need to apply a thin layer of color correction preferably salmon color, as red covers greenish color:) how to apply the color correction : see where your dark circle ends, draw a V ending there from the corners of your eyes, and slowly blend it up to your bottom lids. I recommend Bobbi Brown, after that apply your concealer, choose one that is lighter than your skin tone, I love Nars product for this. And apply on a larger area compared to the corrector! You shouldn't be able to see your eyebags then! Magic!:D But yea gurl, try to sleep more or use eye mask when u sleep, I love Laneige for this!

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Heyyy! Sad to say, I have dark circles as well. :( But I have been using Etude House's Play Stick in #1 and I find it really useful, but ever since I was introduced to Cle De Peau's concealer, it has been my holy grail. Extremely extremely high coverage. I love it! Yes, the price tag on it is a little heavy, but it's totally worth my money heh. Hope I helped <3

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U can use a tone up cream like the one from peri-pera then use colour correct from nyx using either a salmon or yellow shade. The. Finish it off with a concealer. The ones i recommend are the kat von d concealer and tarte concealer. They work best on me

I have quite serious dark circle as well. However, you need to know and understand your dark circle in order to have the right concealer to conceal it. Some dark circle appeal to be more blueish/purpleish and some are more red. For mine, my dark circle is more purpleish and i normally will use concealer that has a orangy undertone like salmon colour. Im using the skin food salmon concealer. You can try it out :D

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I've suffered from this for so long! Life of a workaholic lol. If you have really serious dark circle problem, you can first color correct your undereye with [orange color corrector] before you conceal. I think normally you only need that level of severe/perfect coverage for event or photoshoot. For everyday use you can try [Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer]. It stays for long and has great coverage. But be careful if you have very dry skin, this will be too much as the long-lasting part makes your skin even dryer and it'll appear as cakey or have fine lines.