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How to get rid of SCARS on Legs ( After shaves/Epilator/Scratch)

I tried applying rosehip oil and those vitamin E ones and didn't work, leg still ugly AF. Help me....


This one works better than the blue n white one. Apply directly to ur scar right after the shaves its work! Only takes 3 days.

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SAMEE!! Since i was young,i got a lot of scars all around my legs. I have a really sensitive skin.. i aldry use cocoa butter, bio oil,scar oil.. but still theyre not effective. Maybe u can try dermatix or u can take any collagen supplements 😉 i really want to try it but got no money yet haha

Hey Jynn! I've had somewhat a similar experience. Ever since I was young, I've dealt with scars all over my legs and I hated showing them. I tried everything - cocoa butter, bio oil, vit E essences - you name it. But none of them worked for me. What I'm going to suggest now is an unconventional method but it completely healed(?) my scars. It was accidental actually, I went to a water park but I did not apply sunscreen cause I forgot, AND I WAS WEARING SHORTS. So obviously I got sunburnt and my skin started peeling. I kept applying aloe vera (the plant itself, 100% natural) and when my sunburn skin heeled, my scars went away with it. So idk if it'll work but try getting yourself a tan girl. Hope this helps!

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I heard that Hiruscar also nice, but haven't try..

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Thank you for all your replies girls! how does the Bio Oil for scars look like? and Which Cocoa butter product would be good?

yup, try Bio oil for scars. But it needs time.

Try to use Bio-oil. I have scars on my legs last time but the scars lighthen up after I used bio-oil. Also, you can try to use vitamin E oil to reduce the scars because vitamin E helps our skin to recover better

Cocoa butter is very good for scars! I like to moisturise the skin a lot also. Try to scrub the legs every now and then, but immediately apply lotion afterward to prevent dryness

Try applying aloe vera gel, it works for me.

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If u can get scars that easily from scratching, dont epilate ur legs. Ur legs are probably too dry. Dont wax also. Vitamin E and roseoil wont really help much unless u put them on every half an hour. If you wanna buy a product that helps get cream based products. If not going to the doctor's will help the most. You probably have dehydrated skin if it scars just from epilating. Head to a dermatologist or honestly a normal clinic doctor will do. Ask the doctor for ezema types of cream that helps with dryness. I know u dont have ezema but it is the most effective and doesnt harm for u to use it.