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Oily skin and pores problem

I have an oily skin and big pores problem which have accompany since I’m young, I’ve been trying a lot of product and went to a lot treatment or facial but still the same. Can anyone here help me?


I have the same problem as well, and I have been using Klair's product and it has helped my skin tremendously!The toner is not very drying and the moisturizer and serum do help to shrink my pores without making it oily. I highly recommend using Klair's product. And not to mention, it's best to use clay mask twice a week too

Hi i used to have same problem as u but now it seem reduce. My skin gets a lil oily after 3pm, not as bad as before. First: oil cleansing which its the bad oil in our skin get replaced with the good oil, also to avoid clogged pores. Second using a clay mask twice a week at tzone area only. Third using moisturizer all day! This is really important! Bfr this I stop wearing moisturizer for a year bcs i hate the stickyness and the feeling of wearing it and I thought if im not wearing moisturizer my skin wont become oily. Yes my skin doesnt become oily , my skin getting rough and very dry. The dry patches are everywhere so annoying. So i start wearing moisturizer again, and my skin not oily or dry anymore! Its control my skin really well.for the pores, u cant do anything with it. U just can go to clinic to do a pores treatment, no such things (skincare) r very effective for pores. I tried a lot u just name it hahaha such a waste. U need to takecare of ur skin deeply so ur pores will become invisible

Hi try to include double cleansing in your night skincare routine, try clay mask: Freeman Green Tea is the best!! Innisfree's volcanic clay mask is also good. Avoid over cleansing your face.

having the same problem with you. currently, im using FREEMAN CLAY MASK three mask a week. so far okay, it can control my oily skin. and im also use bedak sejuk with turmeric 2 times a week for acne and oily skin. But, i dont know if its will solve the pore problem because im also having big pores problem.

Me too! But now my skin dont get oily anymore. Always wear claymask/mud mask from freeman. Its good and cheap. And always dont forget to wear toner for ur pores. Suggestion toner :pore wonder etude house,eskinol. Or maybe can try ice rub everyday its quite good👍🏻

For me,I have dry and combination skin,big pores problem is not excluded too,so for me,after using Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mask, its really helps tighten up my pores!~ Yes!It works wonderful! Really suggested! For oily skin,I suggest u too use toner everyday,twice a day,(more u apply,the better actually but toner is not cheap,i understand), use it in the morning n before sleep,then u can apply tighten pores serum after that :D Hope these items can help u hehe

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Hey! I find that the Cetaphil oil control foam cleanser is amazing for oil skin, it actually helps to keep shine away throughout the entire day, and leaves the skin really clean. Try using an oil free moisturiser in a gel form, that helps too!

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Hey there, I used to think that I have oily skin as well, because by the end of the day, my whole face will be oily and my pores are actually very visible. But first off, I do recommend you to get your skin checked, as in to see whether you are actually oily all over or combination. I found out that I have combination skin as my cheeks are very dry and my T-zone being oily. The reason we are producing excessive oil on our face is: 1. Due to our weather and the air around us. 2. If you are working/studying in an air conditioning room, your skin tends to produce extra oil because your skin's moisture level is low. There is no immediate treatment for this, but it will gradually get better if you: 1. Double cleanse your face if you do wear makeup as your skin will definitely get clogged up and your pores will get bigger. (I recommend Murad's Cleanser for this) - Yes, it may be on the pricier side, but it will definitely help to thoroughly cleanse your skin) https://www.murad.com/all-murad-products/skin-cleansers/ 2. I can't advice you on which moisturizer or serum to use before you actually find out your skin's condition. - If you do check and you have combination skin, I would suggest Kiehl's Moisturizer ( https://www.kiehlstimes.com.my/product/ultra-facial-oil-free-gel-cream/ ) This is good to restore moisture on your face as well as help with the oil. I would say this is an all-rounder moisturizer. Give it a go! I apologize for the long-winded text, heh. I hope I've helped in a way. :)

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I highly recommend a clay mask as part of your skincare routine! It always helps me with my oil and pores. The Innisfree clay mask line is good!

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Have you try using skin care ? Or maybe try facial wash that suitable for oily skin (jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam)

Suitable claymask will be awesome!:) and I would recommend khiels toner