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What are you insecure about?

I feel really insecure whenver i'm on social media. Has anyone felt that way before? I'm guessing it's because of the perfect portrayal of people on social media. When you see someone with their perfect body and travelling the world wth their significant other. I would like to know how we can feel secure about ourselves and not compare ourselves with them?


Hello! For me, its all about self-love. treat yourself with the foods you crave for, the clothes you want, do anything that your heart desires. You need a massage? Go. Cute nails? You deserve it girl. Wanna feel good about your body? Work out. You don’t need someone to tell you u’re beautiful. You yourself control your life. Hoped i helped! :)

EVERYTHING IN ME I FEEL REALLY INSECURE! My body,i really have a huge body shape eventho my weight 50kg. My hip and my legs are so huge!I really not confident in wearing skinny.My face is uneven,my eyebrow not even,my nose,not symetrical.Plus, i have eczema, so my skin pretty bad.. So what u have to do for raise our confidence?Just find your hidden card,or what u proud about! :D For me,among all my parts of body,i really like the most is my eyes.I have double eyelid and my eyelashes quite long. So just proud of yourself and whenever your want to snap a pcture and upload, just highlight your favourite part yayyy~

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Try to stay positive, I believe everyone has their own ways :D Have a good day

My uneven face . One side is higher than the other. One of my eyes is bigger than the other. One side of my nose is higher than the other. Haih

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You're not alone girl!! Its hard to often feel confident all the time. So what me and some close friends of mine do is just off the phone and put it away. At least for a little while. And also remind ourselves, that media only highlights the best aspects of people's life and never the whole experience of what they are really going through. I lost track of the number of times i see ppl edit themselves on instagram, myself guilty too haha.. just saying ;) But what gave me strength most of the times is to surround myself with encouraging, supportive and positive friends. They made me feel beautiful just the way I am. True story babe! Even though it sounds cheesy <3

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I feel super insecure about my body, but I always try to learn to love myself and embrace them <3 love urself more!