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seriously, im having a serious blackhead problem. sometimes im not confident with myself to face with people. and im also having big pores problem. please help me.


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Here are 2 very informative blog posts to read about various products to get rid of blackheads: https://theklog.co/korean-products-blackheads/ https://sokoglam.com/blogs/news/73164933-blackheads-be-gone-getting-rid-of-blackheads-for-good

Cuba try cosrx bha blackhead powder liqiud or cosrx aha/bha toner. For blackhead mmg kena cari product contains bha. Mcm mcm brand ada, hada labo pun ada

Try and egg white mask, you just add the egg whites to your face and tap it with tissue paper, let it dry and take it off, has helped me with blackheads :)

You're probably tired of hearing this suggestion but just try using Innisfree's Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 3 times a week! Your skin will thank you!!!!

hai asmizan. berkenaan dgn masalah blackhed, saya ada baca yang produk yang ada BHA/AHA boleh selesaikan masalah ni. awak boleh google produk yang ada ingredients ni. saya pon ada large pores dulu. tapi bila saya selalu guna sheet mask dan moisturiser, pori smkin kecil. kulit awk mungkin kering sebab tu pori nampak besar. semoga membantu.

Yes,I have this problem too! Before this,i just regularly used Daiso Charcoal Mask,it's not very powerful tho. But after using YU.R Pore Remodelling Mask , seriously,it's really works!!~ But it's kinda expensive,which is RM99 when i bought it.But u can get just for RM54 at LAZADA. GO GET 'EM! And btw bout the large pores problem,before this,there's question exactly like this,and what im using is Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!Really works wonder!!!


Hello! I think a big part of skin is also diet, not just skincare, maybe try to cut down on eating a lot of oily foods? Also its good to detox and drink a lot of water. That aside, I think that you should avoid over squeezing the black heads on your skin, as that can enlarge pores, so do try to go for a good extraction facial. If you bathe with hot water, just lightly splash your face with cool water to close the pores before you leave the shower to help tighten the pores!

Hi there! I used to have this problem too, but now it seem reduce by time to time. I manage to do a scrub using soothing gel esp on the Tzone area. I keeps my skin less oily, and also reduce the appear of blackhead. And i also wear a moisturizer to avoid the blackhead/whitehead become an acne. Bcs bfr this i really hate using moisturizer and stop for a year but my skin getting bad and acne like wont stop. So i wear again and my skin become ok, no acne and stuff. And sometimes I squeeze the blackhead (bcs i went to doc and they said so) i hope its help!

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For the big pores, are you taking shower in hot water? If yes, you need to stop washing your face using hot water. It will enlarge your pores. Clean your face with warm water and it will slowly close the pores. For better effect need to use cold water/ or put ice cubes very once a while on your pores.

thanks for the response annd advice Fatin Afiqah and Vanessa Lim. i do have dry skin problem and doesn't like much to drink water. ahhahha. so now i know the reason why i have this problem. im using full set of nutox right now, i guess maybe it doesn't suits me much. btw, thanks again!!

Hi, in my humble opinion, if you’ve done your best with skincar to treat blackheads and large pores and still haven’t really seen much improvement— please consider drink enough (or a little bit more) than enough than your daily body requirement of water intake. For example, for every 20 kg of your weight, you should drink 1L of water. (I dont know how true this is but I think it works for me haha) I am around 40+kg plus so I’d drink at the very least 2L per day; but I always almost try to drink more than that— like 3 bottles of 1.5 L 😄 Why am I emphazising so much on hydrating yourself by drinking the water? Because most skin problems are caused by dehydrated condition— like don’t moisturise your skin enough and don’t drink enough water, and plus many biological processes that take place in the body require water!! So water is really important that’s why you always hear the advice to drink enough water for your body (for at least 8 glasses a day or something like that). In my exprience, I noticed my large pores are almost not as visible when I make myself drink 4.5 L of water everyday. (Btw, the 4.5 L is the measurement for myself) You have to know this one fact— that no products can resize your pores and pores don’t open or close. You can cleanse your pores from blackhead by using Salicylic Acid— as this active ingredient will help to unclog and go deep down into your pores to treat your blackheads and this is not a one-time process, you have to keep repeating doing it because when you have large pores you tend to have the risk of clogged pores. If you’ve never used Salicylic Acid before, start by using it maybe once a week? I advise not to use it everyday as it might disrupt you skin barrier. Nothing should be done excessively, ay? This Salicylic Acid is called as chemical exfoliant. The scrubs with beads, etc are categorized as physical exfoliants. For me, I prefer chemical exfoliants. Because my skin is so sensitive and “thin” so I’m afraid to use scrubs with beads to exfoliate my face. And for large pores, there’s almost no products that can really help with the size (or at least I’ve never found one eventhough some products claim to help with it but actually no, they don’t really do as they claim— trust me— or if there’s one someone can correct me here), as I was informed that large pores can only be reduced/treated with laser or microdermabrasion but even with these things, the effectiveness is still questionable. So what I do is to make sure I drink and hydrate myself enough and you will notice when you are hydrated enough from inside and outside, your pores will be noticeably less visible. Try this out at least— if it works on you, do tell me! :)

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Hello! First off, cleanse thoroughly to ensure that your pores are not clogged. The reason for blackheads and big pores because it's clogged with dirt. Double cleanse your face with makeup remover wipes, cleansing milk or micellar water. Use a pore cleansing mask for instance the Innisfree Volcanic Pore mask to extract any dirt from your pores. A DIY tip that you can do at home, what i do is that i would use egg whites (yes, real egg whites haha) and apply it on your face. I would recommend to do it section by section. Then, put on a thin layer of cotton on your face. Do this with the rest of your face or only areas you would like to focus on. Wait for it to COMPLETELY dry, then peel from bottom up - and voila! Your face will be baby smooth! Rinse your face with water then go on with your skin care! Personally I feel it works better than a normal pore strip. Hope I've helped! :)