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Suggestion and solution about rough skin

Hi. I have rough skin face with a lot of whitehead. And for now I'm using st.ives green tea scrub. So far so good. I love it.

Do you guys have any other suggestions for rough skin with whitehead?


nice to have it all natural

Try the Face shop Real Nature Rice mask. On the front packaging, it says "A brightening and improvement mask sheet containing rice extract to smoothen and brighten rough and dull skin. Suitable for sensitive skin. If u want to lighten away your tan, it works wonders too after a day in the sun! This is the product: https://www.lazada.sg/10-sheets-the-face-shop-real-nature-mask-rice-1340356.html?spm=a2o42.searchlistbrand.list.1.10c95b72bWj52d i also heard alot of raves about the Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon, it comes in 2 other flavours too, Green Tea and Wine: https://sokoglam.com/products/neogen-bio-peel-gauze-peeling-lemon?utm_campaign=best-ways-toget-ridof-blackheads&utm_content=klog&utm_medium=article&utm_source=KLOGtext&utm_term=neogen-gauze-lemon

Hi! If u have a problem with whitehead u should try anything that contains AHA, cosrx aha whitehead or the ordinary lactic acid 5%. This good for whitehead and more to medical ingredients. Or u can try st ives oatmeal. Make ur face more softer. I hope i can help u.

I usually use a cinnamon and honey mask for whiteheads, and it has worked wonders. Also, the Mask of Magnamity from Lush is amazing.

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Use innisfree fingertip silicon while you scrubing your whitehead in two or three times a week. I have the same problem as yours and its work for me

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Use coffee scrub also really great i tell yaaa!!~

hye Sobi. il also facing the same problem with you. and..........im also use st ives green tea scrub. but its enough for me, so im using MASK VIETNAM. u can get it at all jamu's store or at SHOPEE. trust me, its the best mask for whitehead so far. for rough skin im suggest you to use SHEET MASK 3 times per week. and maybe u can use serum from nutox! omg! its the best serum so far! hehehehe.

I'm using AlphaH Liquid Gold & my skin is so much softer now.