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vitamin c.

hye everyone. i just wanna ask all af you, what brand of vitamin C that effective and doesn't give bad effect to our health? i really need to consume vitamin C coz i have dull skin. help me please.


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I like Nutrilite Bio C plus ,it does help to make you look less dull. But i would recommend you to have natural fruit juices or even fruits rather than suppliments. One more suggestion for me is try getting ascorbic acid powder and try making your Diy Vit C serum and apply it regularly. It will really help you and brighten your skin. Try it and let me know. 😊

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Try Hakubi Vit C which you can get from Sasa.

nice to have it all natural

Have you heard of soko glam? Its an online store based in America, started by a korean american esthetician Charlotte Cho. She recommends klairs Vitamin C serum. She has also curated a Vitamin C serum for corsx. She has a youtube channel "soko glam". Watch this link for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K72nr7D87NI

Hi! Ive read a lot about vitamin c, and some of doctor not really support this kind of vitamin c no matter in tablet/injection, it might harm ur body. Most of doctor suggest to take a daily food that contain vitamin c like orange, any food that richs with vitamin c u can google them as well. This is much safer for a young body.

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Instead of taking Vitamins, just try to drink more water.. Go with the natural flow, who know it can change to a better skin.

Yesss,maybe u can try Viwern Wong's suggestion :D I've seen many people use that method for instant effect

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Hello there! In terms of Vitamin C, I only use those dissolvable type. So far I have heard of 2 brands which are Redoxon and Cebion. Maybe you could give them a try? :)

dear Viwern Wong, is it safe?

Heyya! I’ve never personally tried it but I’ve seen some people use vitamin C drips? Instead of consuming it daily, they directly insert vitamin c into your blood stream. Maybe you could try finding a reliable aesthetic clinic to help you perform a vitamin c drip?