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[Community Contest] NEW YEAR, NEW....?

Let us know about your New Year Resolution in less than 100 words. The best submission wins a PAYOT Hydra 24+ Gel-Creme Sorbet worth RM200+ ! Submission ends on 5th January 2018!


MY 2018 NEW YEAR RESOLUTION IS 1) i wish to end degree with flying colour. if God wills this upcoming January, i'll be sitting for last exam for degree. so i hope i can do well 2)and i wish to further my study in MASTER but maybe different course than my degree's course. 3)and if i did not further my study, i wish and i pray that i will get a job that suits me!! so that i can i pay ptptn. ahahhaha 4)and then if i have nice job , i can help my parents. i really wanna make them happy and buy everything they want! 5)aaa. and i want to travel with my beauty squad all around the world. its like a daydream but i really wish that i can!!!

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For me sunscreen is the most important

My New resolution:✨ 1. Get excellent result again this year, make yourself be a beauty with brain and make your parents proud with you.πŸ˜˜πŸŽ“ 2. Please make sure eating on time everyday to reduce gastric attack. 3. Make a new wishlist for skincare and makeup.😍 4.Do not buy lipstick anymore.πŸ’„ 5. Invest more on eye cream that can reduce my dark circle and eye bag.πŸ‘€ 6. Make my pores invisible 7. Since i have a very bad dry skins, so never skip moisturizer to make my skin moisture always. 8.Always use sunscreen with my morning skincare routine.🌞 9. Drink enough water.πŸ’¦

My New Yer Resolution for 2018.. -To Loose Weight[true beauty come in many size,but i just want to become better so i can get more pretty clothes πŸ˜‹] -Get to try as many new product as i can [i don't know why, but my new Age ambitions is to become yutubers πŸ˜‚ so i can get new things to try and reviews ] -Get more free gift [ in this current malaysian economy i need to have more saving and slow down my speeding money for beauty product, so i need to get more free product] 😘 -Want to travel more for this year✈️ -TO FALL IN LOVE πŸ§šπŸ»β€β™€οΈ - last one, JUST WANNA BE BETTER β€˜ME’ IN THIS 2018

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My New Year Resolution for 2018 are passing every semester in my Degree Year which is 3.5 pointer and above!~ ^^ Besides, I also target to loose my weight about 20+ kg this year because I gained so much last year hehe and not forget to have healthy bright skin !~ Improve my social skill among all classmates and involve in many extreme sports! Hope will not get sunburn after this~ Hope this year will make me more happier, brighter, and I wish i will get a boyfriend (pls pls plssss!!!)


My new year resolution is to study hard and achieve straight As for my A-levels. I've also been wanting to contribute more to my community and doing more charity. My other resolution is to get healthier mentally and physically after being super sick in 2017 from depression and anxiety that messed up my body so really badly physically and mentally. Also, I plan to save up money by taking a part time job to fund my living budget before starting school away from home and do more reviews on favful that i've been neglecting for a yearπŸ’— Ig: @ririthecabbage

Sugar, spice and everything nice!

I aim to be a better daughter, friend, best friend and person. I have been correcting myself bit by bit, from the way I think about others to the way I speak about others. Yes there may have been slip-ups the past year, however, I'm sure that I have done my best and aspire to continue doing my best. I have been shipped to the UK to further my studies in September 2017 and although it has been an exciting journey settling in, it has honestly been a rough one too. I have built my life (pretty well in my opinion) in Malaysia and to start from scratch in a country where I know nobody and nobody knows me is pretty rough. Therefore, not only am I to be a better person in 2018, I am going to build my life up from scratch here without giving up. In case you were wondering, yes I am in the UK so if I win this, the product is going to my mother for her New Years present. :)

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My new year resolution is i want to stop spend more money on unnecessary thing and save more money for family future use. In 2017, i’ve manage my money and give some to my siblings and parents to pay the bills, and buy groceries. I hope in 2018, i can help more than this. Also, i really wanted to achieve a flawless skin. So that i can go outside without wearing a lot of makeup hehe. And last thing i hope my internship will be fine and all the workers member can help me through everything. πŸ˜‰

My New Year Resolution is i want to continue my study in degree with same course which is EDUCATION in FINE ART. I really hope that i pass the interview last time bcoz become a teacher is my dream since im 7 years old. hahahaha. my parents put high hope that i can be a tecaher because the other sibling have choose their own career. and if i didn't past the interview, i want to further my study in FINE ART at UITM SHAH ALAM maybe. wish me luck please!

Well I had a great year so far, and wishing my 2018 will be delightful as well. My new year resolution for 2018 is to be more regular with my prayers. Need to work more my skills such as cooking and makeup and exercise. And to be a better wife to the man who never fails to fulfill all my wishes. And last but not the least I will try to be a better daughter and sister. Finally I will cut off negative people from my life. And buy more makeup of course 😁

I am 22 years old and I'm suffer from acne for 5 years it hurts me more emotionally than anything else. These years when i am completely surrounded by people with flawless skin which makes me very depressed of my horrible acne. Although it hurts on the inside but I gotta show them I don't even realize its there & people will see me for ME not as the dude with acne. KEEP THIS SPIRIT UP (:

My resolution for the next 2018 is not enough for days to fulfill my desire to change lives from hard to advanced. Hope can improve the economic situation to a stable level. I also hope that I become more mature in dealing with the increasingly challenging life-affairs. In the life of the new year too, I should have dreamed that I would change to a more tolerant and just one. Not only that, and even my prayer is forbidden to be married to a person who can sincerely accept me as if it were. Hopefully everything is simplified. Hope!

It's always been difficult to break out of my shell when I have always been an introvert with depression and anxiety. I fear I won't be able to work and meet other's expectation. But, I am a mother and mothers are supposed to be strong.. Therefore, my New Year Resolution is to become a BRAVE MOM; someone my baby will look up to. And I WILL work and earn a decent pay after I graduate from degree next year! ❀

Make my passion as a job and work hard for it. I have lots of passion such as music, photography, craft, writing and I will focus one by one to achieve my target/level. Stop distracting myself with negativity that would tear me apart. It will never happen again. I will take the risk. If i win, i will be happy but if i lose, i will be wise. I will burst the noise of my victory and silence the hatred. Cheer for myself! 😁

Stop trying to please everyone and take charge of your life. Make your own decisions with no regrets! Some friends come and go, learn to let go and make new ones. its okay to stray from your goals once awhile, just be curious and always be open to new experiences. You never know what you might stumble on. Just remember, if you fall, don't take too long to get back up. You are only human, so don't beat yourself up over mistake. It's life, shit happens.........a New Year resolution to myself πŸ˜„

I really wish to have my second child in 2018. I have give birth for my 1st child on 2014 with cesarean but I been miscarriage 2 times within 6month in 2017. So, I’m pray to have my 2nd child in the New Year.

New Year, New Journey. For me, everyday is a new chapter for me to explore. That's why, i always looking foward to find something inside me that I should develope more especially in skills or anything. Next year would be my travel year and I hope I can travel more often after this. I love to enjoy the beauty of culture, a picturesque of scenery and of course the valuable experience that can't buy with money. I hope all is well for next year. πŸ’—

Save a life by donating blood. A simple procedure that means the world to another person and also be more active in the community to helping more people and fostering an even better community and be more environment friendly. I also want to learn something new and never give up in life. Be kind to others people too 😊.

New Year, New Look! That is one of my resolutions. I want to get out of my comfort zone playing with brave and wild color so that my life becomes more colorful like rainbow. Then i think of Favful that can solve and fulfill my resolution! Thank god i found Favful very helpful. I too hope Favful becomes more success in future! πŸ˜‰

New year is a time when many people around the world make promises however, many of the promises made by people are rarely completed. I plan to read more and embrace my natural beauty-and it’s to squash what I think of regular beauty standards all together.

All along I’ve been a person who is influenced by what others think of me, leading me to consistently wearing contact lenses due to the fear of others perception of me being ugly. So right now I’ve decided, I want to step out of the dark and my 2018 resolution is to start being confident with who I am.