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Whitespots that last for years

I've been having this problem for years now where I have quite a few very very stubborn whiteheads on my nose that just won't go away (even after trying numerous products, masks, etc.) I got rid of them once during a facial session but it came back soon after. I've been told it's not like a normal blackhead/whitehead/pimple but it's like an oil clog. I do have an oily nose and I my nose sweats easily ahaha. Anybody going through the same problem/have some product to recommend?


Oh, just smile.

can you show the white spots?

AHA based cleanser and toner will rid the whiteheads while BHA will dissolve and unclog oily blackheads. Try Pixi Glycolic Acid Toner and Clinique Clarifying Toner. Though Clinique it can be drying with alcohol, you can compensate with moisturising lotion afterwards.

I'd try anything to see wonders!

Mine are blackheads ;( It's quite annoying that it'll come back after a few days

I have the same problem and I can't get rid of it either :(