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Alvynna Joanna
Alvynna Joanna
11 Oct 2017
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How do you handle your jungle down under?

Welll.... go for IPL i guess? any of you got complained by ur partner about ur jungle down under? haha


I really want to try epilator because they say it will be not painful and our bushes(?) will come out along with their roots.

Beauty Blogger

Last month was my first time to try Brazilian wax, it turns out very nice ^^

I have a gift of getting most skin problems hence initiated @Favful

I decided to clear it myself, not from partner’s complaints. Went for waxing before but oh my, my pain tolerance is pathetically low 😛 So I choose Musee Platinum because they claimed “painless””harmless” with their Japanese technology. It’s very professional (a little but strict even, they rejected me a few times because I’m on med or I had alcohol before) but I still can’t see much result yet. Mainly because it’s once in 3 months procedure, & when I delayed it comes back. 😭 Also looking for better recommendations!