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Face Condition After Using Makeup Remover

Hello everyone!

Recently for about almost a year, I have problems with my face condition after using makeup remover. It tends to flare up and turns hot with redness all over, especially since I used L'oreal Dermo Expertise Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. Just a few months ago I went to do a free makeover at Sephora and the makeup artist told me that I might be allergic to corn substances since it also flared up even though his used another type of makeup remover.

Any recommendations please?


Hey there :) You should use Garnier Micellar Water. I'm not sure if it contains corn substances but you can check it out on Garnier's website. I've used it and it doesn't irritate my skin and it did a great job in taking my makeup off. The price is affordable too.

Maybe u can use Garnier Micellar Water because i use this and i have sensitive skin. I think,so far,my skin just fine using this. Because it's just like water-based. there's like a few types and pick one :) All of them i think are just fine :D

Hey babe! I have very very acne-prone & sensitive skin, which is really a pain. I find using the Shu uemura cleansing oil works best. Sometimes when that's not enough, I use the sephora eye and lip makeup remover for makeup that won't budge. After I'm done, I cleanse my skin again with a hydrating facial cleanser like the one from hada labo. Ever since I've swapped my routine to this one, I barely break out - just slight redness and it'll be fine after I apply my skincare after. Hope this helps! XO

Oh, just smile.

Hey, looks like your skin isn’t accepting the ingredients. Do you have acne prone skin? If not, then apply baby oil to remove your makeup but if your skin is oily it may increase the acne. Also, do you wash your face afterwards? Like after you remove your makeup? If not, then try doing that and let me know how that works out for you and whenever you remove your make up, be gentle on your skin, slowly remove your makeup in circles, or even let a soaked cotton on your skin and let it take away the makeup and gently wipe it off. Your skin is sensitive, not allergic. Just be gentle with your skin and solve the dry skin problem with nice face masks and treatments. ❤️❤️

How about trying out a cleansing balm instead? I personally love the Banila Co Clean It Zero, its gentle to my skin :) Also, all-natural makeup removers could also be a good alternative especially for sensitive skin, like coconut oil or even baby oil.