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Product for body scar ?Any suggestion,guys?

Hi! I have a lot of scars all over my leg and arm since i was kid (u know how kid behave and not care about their skin at all). So can someone suggest me an effective scar serum or lotion ? I'd tried cocoa butter,Azanis serum and bio oil,but still no difference.


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Hi there! You might not have heard of this brand before, BUTTT try using Cosmoderm! The Tea Tree Oil should be able to help you! But then again it varies depending on the skin type. Do try it out as it is inexpensive! :)

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I think there's no product that can efficiently lighten old scars. Maybe you should consider having laser treatment? I've used bio oil before, and it works great on new scars only.

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If the scar is from your childhood years, It must be more than 10 years. does it need more time than usual scars. I used bio oil after I scrub my knee. For deep scars, sometimes it needs laser treatment. but with bio oil, after a year, my scars toned down.