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WEEKEND COMMUNITY CONTEST - How does your make-up last the day?

COMMENT HERE - Tell us that ONE tip/product on how you make your makeup stay on fleek throughout the day!
Stand a chance to win ONE B.LIV Got Oil Relief from us!

Contest runs from 8/6/2018 - Ends 10/6/2018 midnight so don't miss out 🎁
T&C applies:
1. Only 1 winner will be chosen
2. Participant will have at least 3 reviewed products on favful.com . If you have not reviewed - You can start reviewing photo & video reviews to earn points!
3. You can submit as many times as you want for a high chance of winning. Your BEST tip will be shortlisted


Beauty is confidence

Using a good primer at the base, do not over moisturize your face if you have oily skin, it will make ur make up melt faster. If its too hot outside and u need to stay outdoors with ur make up on, try the hack apply Translucent powder or any light powder (i use ben nye banana powder)before your foundation #Make up that last All night

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Proper preparation such as skincare

Apply primer that suit to you skin

Masking before a big event is great, your makeup will look even better than usual and last longer! Make sure to set with a good setting spray, I use the Nyx matte setting spray and it lasted after I went out one night and found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and I was crying a lot and in the rain. But my makeup was still in place so that's all that matters!

This is a tip for glasses wearers especially, you know how when you take off your glasses there will be marks on your nose where your foundation rubs off? The solution is to put eye primer at the area where the glasses sit and no smudges! I used the canmake eye primer under my foundation and I could take off my glasses and it looks like I just put on foundation!