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How do I find my perfect foundation shade?

Hello!!! Majority of the foundations that are available in Malaysia are catered for fair skin tone. In order to get my shade I need to mix a few foundations up. This is so inconvenient and I’m wasting so much of money. So is there an alternative way in Finding the perfect foundation shade for myself?


Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it

Thank you Damia for the recommendation. Will surely try it out. :D

Choose two shades, the lightest and the darkest for ur skintone. And mix it use a ratio u like. Such as 1:2 light:dark or 2:2 to get a medium one. Its help me a lot!

Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it

Thank you Chelsea for the suggestions. I prefer wearing matte foundations cause I have a combination skin. My T-zone gets oily pretty fast. I have tried MAC but it doesn't work for me. I broke out quite a bit after using their foundation and it does get me greasy very fast. Currently I'm using Maybeline matte and pore less and still find it difficult to get the right shade. Will definitely try Fenty beauty out tho.

It depends on your skin type and what fomular of foundation you'd like:) there're a few brands that carry various color selections like MAC and Fenty Beauty. Check it out and hope you find the one, cheers:)