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Do you agree that MASKING can do so much wonders to your skin or even save that dull complexion in a night? Share your favourite mask products right here with your tips & tricks if you have!


Beauty is confidence

Yeah definitely masking is one best self pamper treatment for urself,i love sheet masks from innisfree,tony moly and the face shop.clay mask too is amazing (jeju volcanic lava).

A severe cystic acne survivor

I use face mask almost everyday. I alternate my hydrating mask with a clay mask to keep my skin balance.

Oh, just smile.

Oh oh oh, sheet and clay masks are my favourite!! I use the alztec clay mask, L’Oréal clay mask and I make a few of my own DIY clay masks using the alztec clay. For sheet masks, I use the st. Ives, tony moly and a few sheet masks that suit my skin from Watson’s. My tips and tricks are; 1. Cut the masks so they could sit your face. (My face is small and huge so the masks are usually falling off and I hate it.) 2. I put a bit of rose water before applying my sheet masks and even my clay masks (Idk if you’re supposed to do this or not but I didn’t get any breakouts or anything. ) 3. I put my sheet masks in the fridge for half an hour before applying it, it literally stings. (For me, I like super cold masks, it’s like it wakes your skin up.) 4. For clay masks, I learnt one thing. DONT LET YOUR MASKS FULLY DRY OUT IF YOUVE GOT DRY SKIN. (My friend has dry skin and when she lets her masks dry completely, it completely dehydrates her skin!!) FYI, 5. Please prep your skin before applying any kind of masks and research on your skin and the masks you should use. (This is very important!!)