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Blackheads torture

Hi guys...
I’m going through this blackheads phase. Please help me get rid of them. Home remedies please. The pore strip does not work on me and it’s annoyingly painful.
Please suggest something!! 😭😭😭😭😭


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Hi Omama, i would recommend using skinfood brown sugar scrub after warming your nose to open up the pores, so that it can easily come out. For home remedies you can use egg white to fab it until it become foamy.


Hye Omama, The pore strip never works on me too! Have you tried using Baking soda? I have. and I promise you its the best home remedies ever especially in removing the blackheads. sometime i would add on a little bit of honey. besides removing blackheads, it also smooth out our skins. Buttttttt don't use it too often, 1-2 times a week should be okey depend on you but not more than that. I hope this little info would help you. Xoxo.

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I tried The face shop's Jeju volcanic lava peel off clay nose mask. It really gives me that satisfying feel after i see my whiteheads after peeling it off. But if u have active cystic acne then do not try it now,Wait till it settles. Peeling it can be a bit painful but i dont mind it though as it gives me smooth and softer skin after it . If u have sensitive skin do only in the area of blackheads and not the entire face. I hope it helps.

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Try using the Innisfree Blackhead Out Balm. You can find it in their stores and it's only about RM20. And if you're lucky enough, you can get it slightly cheaper in Hermo. You just rub the balm onto the problematic area and it will melt the blackheads. Totally pain-free! You can buy the blackhead brush as well if you want to see optimum results. Hope this helps :)

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I usually use the pore strips by Biore and then scrubs my skin after that. Helps me with clearing my blackheads. If scrubbing after pore strips still not helping, try Bliv products. My friend use it and works well on her.