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The chocolate struggle!

As a dark-skinned person, it is unbelievably difficult to find affordable base products. Do any other chocolate people know what i mean? all foundations and concealers for us cost over Rm100 whereas light-skinned people can get really cheap foundations and concealers everywhere! it's not fair (hehe).

P.S: I do know that the Maybelline age rewind concealers come in 12 colours now though!! it would be really nice to see it be available here.



Hye Sarah, totally agree with you. But have you tried Maybelline fit me in the dark shades? I am a makeup artist and I have used the maybelline fit me when I do makeup for my Indian client. and she is very satisfied with it. other than that, maybe you can try out one of the Malaysian local makeup product from Alha Alfa - Royal Propolis Foundation in shade - Salvia . my fav! I hope this little info can help you Sarah. xoxo