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Aging gracefully (with the help of skincare products)

As I grow older I realized that my skin has lost it's youthful elasticity. My adult acne scars don't heal as fast as they used to. My metabolism has slowed down over the years and eating a big meal makes me uncomfortable the entire day. I am trying to eat better now, more fruits, more greens, less carbs (with the occasional fried chicken and pizza) and drink healthier drinks such as apple vinegar cider, honey, real fruit juice and more water. I try to take care of my body and my skin. I walk whenever I can, to get in some exercise. I try to get 5 hours of sleep a night but I am constantly still tired all the time and this shows! My eye bags are getting darker and saggier. I believe aging is natural, but I don't believe I can't look good doing it, so I would like to open a discussion as per the title of this post.
Please share some of your tips or routines and or skincare product recommendations - would love to hear from everyone on this!


Beauty is confidence

Heya beauty, I am Fitness enthusiast,and have been regularly working out in form of Dancing,Yoga and weight training. First of all i will advice you to atleast have sleep for around 6-8 hours minimum. Just walking isnt enough for are bodies,may be try brisk walking or running regularily. Rest your food habits continue eating healthier and you will be good too go . Motivate yourself and stay happy.