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How to turn down a guy nicely?

Hi! I sometimes get guys want to ask my number or flirt with me all that when i don't like him. How to reject him nicely?


Just say u are not interested/comfortable with guys. And be nice when saying it haha saying 1000xx sorry

Give him your brother's number, or just give him your email but make sure the email ,u barely use it hahaha :D

Everything is beautiful, not everyone sees it.

Be frank & just let him know that he is always a friend not more than that. =)

If that guy is a stranger (eassyy) , just say that you're taken! If he is someone you know, try to be nice and kind to him by giving him hints that you are not interested, or just say that u're taken by ur imaginary boyfriend or that u already have a crush ;)

I'll be like " oh let me ask my parents 1st" "oops parents say 'NO', sorry 😅" be sweet , smile and walk away. I know lying is bad but sometimes I lie to not hurt people feelings this is one of those good type of lie. Like telling a kid there are no such thing as 👻 ghosts or telling your parents you've completed all of your assignments that's why your currently out partying with friends 😂😇😅 .

Your friend who will stay up late, watch rom coms and eat pop corn with you <3

After many times of hinting and when they don't get a message, i just be blunt honest. I just say something like, 'Hey, it's really flattering you want my number but I'm really just not interested". One hard ouch, its better than a continuous from a soon to be very disappointed guy. :) Haha guys are pretty straight forward, so they should be ok. If they can't take it well... they're just not worth the time.