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How do I shrink those large pores on my face?

I've been having a difficult time getting my pores smaller, pore strips and toners dont seem to help much.. This is really making me insecure eventho its not like having crazy amount of blackheads on my face.


Currently I'm using Innisfree Volcanic Clay Mask once a week and it's really effective to shrink the large pores especially on T -zone. Apart from that,regular facial wash is also important to keep your skin healthy and reduces the blackhead/whitehead.

Try Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!Really works wonder!!!

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Ello! Main idea is to thoroughly cleanse! If you think you've cleanse enough, cleanse more. :) It helps a lot more ❤️

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try to mask 1/2 times a week with clay mask :D

I think skin hydration plays a very big role to reduce the appearance of pores! Usually when the pores are visible it means that your skin has inner dryness and it will also stimulate more sebum to protect your skin barrier, thus oilier skin and larger pores. So to really hydrate your skin will be a long term solution rather than using pore strips.

a good sunblock is the key! My pores has reduce drastically after I start using sunblock

use products contain aha/bha

Try use those volcanic clay mask to shrink the pore ~~ suggestion : kiehls and innisfree